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No, absolutely not. You must file a grievance. This is controlled by Art 7.C.2 in your contract.
No. If you are sick you are sick and your principal does not have the right to deny sick leave. Art.7.C.1. File a grievance.
A. Teachers that file grievances receive, at least some of the supplies they need to do their jobs. Fight for your kids and file the grievances.
GFT fought both cases at the same time. The lawyers we hired at the time were able to win for the teachers but lost for the support staff, counselors and librarians. The two groups fall under different aspects of the law and where DOE followed the law with regard to school aides they did not do so for teachers. That being said we did explore every avenue possible and it was when Matt Rector was on the school board that he got the board to lift the 32 hour week.
By law GFT cannot negotiate health insurance; it is negotiated by the Governor and funded by the Legislature. Employees’ rates are high because the Legislature never increases the funding for the employers (GovGuam) share. GFT tried to establish our own health plan for members but unfortunately, not enough members signed up and many of those that did didn’t pay their bills which cost the union close to $250,000. If you want lower health insurance rates call your Senators.
Of course!!! Our original Charter (from 1965) still hangs on the wall of the office but it can also be verified that every contract is between the GFT, AFT Local 1581 and GovGuam which is signed by the AG. This is also in our legal docs with Rev and Tax. This just goes to show how desperate the enemies of our families/union are when they have to keep making up ridicule accusations to keep in the Corporate/For profit media.
Training is either voluntary or mandatory. If it is mandatory DOE has to pay you your hourly rate thanks to Art. 9J in your contract. When it is voluntary, DOE offers a “stipend” for teachers to attend which is based on availability of funds. Henceforth the SFA/DI training was voluntary and as the legislature continually under budgets DOE the funding is not available so we cannot legally mandate that DOE pays you. In the future, to avoid this from happening do not voluntarily attend trainings. Let the Department mandate it so that you are guaranteed to be paid.
Teachers' contract states: “1.B.9. Preparation Period: The non-instructional time during the duty day of a classroom teacher, exclusive of teacher breaks and lunch, which is reserved for subject preparation and is free from other assigned duties.” Henceforth, the principal cannot order a teacher to do anything during the Prep period unless they are willing to pay them for it.
Not only don’t you have to but you may even be breaking the law by copying, copyrighted material!!! Teachers should definitely file a grievance on not having the proper supplies so that they are protected and not commit a crime.
This is purely a liability issue. If any of your personal belongings disappear over the summer the school will not be liable to replace them. While it is a pain in the doggen, teachers invest a lot of their own money in their classrooms and should protect that investment.
GFT’s Dues structure (AFT dues + GFT dues ( ) + .00051(salary) was created a long time ago and while it is a little complicated it is consistent (and less) than other unions dues structure. Historically, unions have always been on the forefront of the fight for fairness and hence most follow the same principals of public funding, each according to their means.
Teachers did not have to and should not have signed any commitment letter! We have advised members repeatedly how valuable their signature is and how you cannot be ordered to give it up!
This case has been ongoing forever at this point. We have hired lawyers, lobbied the GEPB and the legislature, went to the media and ran multiple campaigns, spending tens of thousands of dollars of union dues money. We have won, won, and won again including another court victory just last week. Unfortunately we have yet to see a paycheck. We are constantly working to rectify this past injustice but at the end of the day the power to win comes from members. The last time we went to the school board only 3 teachers showed up. If you want to help be a part of the solution to win, then please sign up to be on an action team and show up in force next time we have an action. In the mean time we are still actively working on creative ways to win.
Teacher salaries are set by the legislature and are not subject to negotiations. When Matt Rector was still a Senator he introduced a bill that would have given everyone a $10,880 raise. Only a handful of teachers showed up to testify and ultimately the bill failed to get the support of the 7 other Senators needed to pass. That being said the Legislature has given away the majority of public revenues to Corporations and Big businesses in tax breaks, rebates and credits as well as allowing them to send the majority of the cash that goes through our economy off island by using H-2 workers and low wages. They have also tied up a large portion of the public revenue that we do receive servicing debt.

Therefore, this year we will be starting a yearlong campaign to fully fund public education (DOE has been underfunded by half for over 15years!) where we will be building coalitions with teachers, support staff, Administrators and Parents to get the Department the resources so that our teachers and staff can receive a fair paycheck and our children can get the education that they deserve.
This would take legislative action
As it turns out their names were the only ones on the grievance. We are in the process of seeing that everyone else gets the money due to them. Remember, this new higher pay is only a result of Art. 9J; which we got into our current contract for the first time in 40 years. This is why we are starting our contract campaign now to keep what we won in the last contract and move forward with new ways to win.
Yes you are entitled to the same hours as a Teacher, please see contract - Board/ Union Contract – Appendix A-1, School Aides – Other Working Conditions: C. Miscellaneous, “1. Aides who are substituting or are assigned in a classroom for a whole day to include development of lesson plan and actual teaching or delivery of lesson, shall be treated as a regular classroom teacher, and be given the same schedule as a regular classroom teacher.” This provision also applies to Head Start Aides.
Staff needs to file grievances.
We fought both cases at the same time. The lawyers we hired at the time were able to win for the teachers but lost for the support staff. The two groups fall under different aspects of the law and where DOE followed the law with regard to school aides they did not do so for teachers. That being said we did explore every avenue possible and it was when Matt Rector was on the school board that he got the board to lift the 32 hour week.
We believe that there may be a legal challenge to the use of part-time employees but unfortunately the Legislature keeps allowing it and various agencies are using this to balance the budgets on the backs of our families. Unfortunately, good jobs with fair pay and benefits are not this Legislature's priority. In fact in this budget bill they allow Directors to turn every job that is either fully or partially federally funded into part time jobs.
No it’s not right, but it is legal.
They should be released at the same time as teachers.
Not only is it not right, but it is not legal. During lunch or prep Teachers and all other employees are in non-Duty status. Therefore their supervisors cannot discipline them.
The 3.5% increase was a result of President Rector pointing out at a round table discussion that DOA used 2004 US numbers compared to 2006 Guam numbers when they established the 14% raise. This led the legislature to allow GEPB to grant the additional 3.5% if there were sufficient revenue which the legislature has never granted in DOE’s budget. The GEPB did pass a motion in reference to the 3.5% but it was poorly worded and in not commanding language. Hence, it is unlikely that teachers will ever see the addition especially after the legislature just cut DOE’s budget again.
The answer is Yes. The GFT Network is a place for our members to be able to access information and communicate with the Union. For more information on becoming a member, goto Join GFT for more information.
Before you can log in, you must setup an account. Go to the Setup Page and fill in the form with the data requested. Enter your first and last name, the last 4 digits of your social and your birthday. Once you have been verified, you will be asked to enter a username and password. This will be the information that you will use to login in to the members area. Please do not forget this information. Thats it.
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Revised PTEP (April 30, 2014)
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