Washington Post business columnist Martha M. Hamilton had high praise for a new book by EPI board member Teresa Ghilarducci in her June 1 column, A system that needs to be retired. As Hamilton wrote:
Economist Teresa Ghilarducci, author of When Im Sixty-Four: The Plot Against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them, said creating a new plan is better than tinkering with a bad system to make it better… What I like about Ghilarduccis proposal is its boldness–the idea that it is better to create a new model than to keep retrofitting a system that presents unacceptable risk for so many workers. Even though defined-contribution plans are being improved, the changes will come too late for some and will be of no use to the vast universe of workers who do not participate in retirement savings plans, many of whom work for small businesses or for themselves.
Ghilarducci will discuss her book and the plan to improve retirement security at EPI in early July. Stay tuned for details.

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