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GMH has given Dr. Aubin full privileges to practice at the hospital. The Medical Board has allowed him to be our hospital’s anesthesiologist and will be accompanied by a chaperone for female patients. So will private doctors be charged for the extra cost of having a chaperone when they use the hospital OR for elective surgeries? Did you know insurance companies such as Calvo’s Selectcare won’t cover Dr. Aubin? He is considered a non-participating provider which means more out of pocket expense for us. Medicare, Medicaid, MIP or any other Federal insurance won’t cover Dr. Aubin either due to his history. So how does this help our families? Let’s break this down, GMH management hires an anesthesiologist who no other hospital in the states will hire, they allow an uncomfortable environment for our patients and hospital staff, and our insurance companies won’t cover Dr. Aubin which leaves us spending more money! If you look at the big picture it all comes down to giving good wages, good working conditions, and good benefits to our hospital staff. When we take care of our employees, we take care of our patients better.

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