Once development in Tumon was halted because it exceeded our public infrastructure Big money developers and corporations got together and offered to install a new sewage system, for them selves only! Public money, the majority of which came from Guams middle class wage earners, created the system that they have over burdened, just like public money goes to subsidize the poverty wages they pay their employees, the public safety officers, the roads and the street lights for their customers. But instead of volunteering to become more active participants in our community and volunteer to start paying their fair share of all of the public services that help generate profit for them, they offered to pay for only the part that they use. What about the water and sewages lines that their employees use when they go home? What about all of the public money that built and maintains the current system, are they offering to pay for that too? Every part of our community needs to pay its fair share so our entire community prospers. Middle class wage earners pay for almost 80% of the public structure. Its time that big off island start paying their fair share for the privilege of doing business on our island.

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