On the Pacific Island of Guam, Matt Rector, President of AFT Local 1581, reports that his local, which is the largest and fastest growing union on Guam, has also endorsed HR 676. Rector wrote of his locals endorsement: If anyone needs an incentive to support universal healthcare for every American they just need to look at the health insurance that public employees on Guam get because it is the shape of things to come for the rest of the nation. All plans have a $1500 per person deductible, with an 80-20 plan, with caps ($200 for a physical) that kick in after the deductible. Employees cannot use the plan on island for non-emergent care and must fly to the Philippines (air fare isnt included in the plan). This leaves the majority of our people without access to preventative healthcare and critical healthcare can only be afforded after lots of fundraisers, begging on the street and/or selling off assets. Every man, women and child on our island and in our nation deserves better. Quality healthcare should depend on the quality of patients need, not the quantity of their bank account.

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