Do you see something wrong with these numbers? The calculations compiled by Pulitzer Prize Winner David Cay Johnston shows how the Rich percentage of our population has been getting extremely richer as the middle class has been getting poorer. This is exactly why our economy isn’t working for us. This is happening all over the United States and here in our island. Big corporations in the United States and Guam have been receiving big tax breaks in return for the jobs they will provide. Apparently, they may have provided jobs but not necessarily good middle class jobs. When corporations don’t pay their taxes and their employees are earning minimum wage jobs which qualify them for food stamps and welfare, WE, the taxpayers, end up subsidizing their costs. This can all change with our new Federal Administration and our local elected officials. In order for our economy to grow, we need to grow our middle class and we can do that by providing jobs with a decent wage to live comfortably.

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