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Guam’s working families won an incredible victory this election! Thousands of supporters made the phone calls, sent the emails and text messages and talked to their friends and family and the outcome was victorious! With a new face on board in the legislature, this adds great excitement to see the power of Guam’s families. It was a close race for the 15th spot and even after a recount, GFT President Matt Rector, now Senator Rector, has rightfully gained his seat in the 30th Guam Legislature. Senator Rector, “I’m happy and excited to represent our families and start building a better Guam for us. I’d like to thank everyone for helping me get our message to people. It took a lot of hard work campaigning and talking to people and Together We Won! This is the time for our working class to fight for a better life we all deserve. Together we will build an economy and public structure that works for all our families, now let’s Celebrate!”

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