Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong and from other countries are here in Manila to confront the Philippine government on its labor export policy and the inhuman working conditions the domestic workers are subjected to in their workplaces. The organized Filipino domestic workers from Hong Kong are here in Manila in time for the opening of the 2nd Global Forum on Migration tomorrow, 27 October 2008.
Hundreds of Filipino domestic workers supported by local and international trade unions will troop to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Pasay on 27 October 2008, at 2:00pm. Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong will lambast the government’s policy of exporting migrant workers like commodities while living off on the hard-earned remittances of migrant workers. “Kinakalakal kami ng gobyerno na parang mga saging at pinya upang magtrabaho sa ibang bansa at pinakikinabangan ng gobyerno ang perang pinapadala namin sa bansa”, says Maryjane Forendo, Filipino Domestic Workers Union-APL. The more than US$15 billion remittances coming from Filipino migrant workers is keeping the country’s economy afloat especially at this time of global financial crisis.
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