Local fashion label ‘Cue Clothing Co’ directly and indirectly employs about 400 people in the Australian clothing manufacturing industry. Many more are employed in its retail stores. For those who have recently ventured into Cue stores, the labels displayed on its entire Australian-made range spell out its commitment:

“Working together with the Textile Clothing Footwear Union to support Australian made fashion in a fair and ethical workplace.” TCFUA Outreach Officer Natasha Flores and Compliance Officer John Owen say Cue is a prime example that “you don’t have to exploit labour to do well”. “We’ve worked with them the longest and there’s nothing they won’t do to help,” John says. “[The owner] just doesn’t want his product associated with sweatshop labour.” Cue’s own website spells out the benefits of its approach. It says by “keeping it local” they are able to “respond immediately to current trends, customer needs and keep jobs in Australia”. It adds that Cue “works closely with the TCF Union to maintain an ethical workplace”. continue reading

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