Bill 203 The Working Family Leave Act will ensure working families get reasonable and fair paid sick leave. Bill 203 will give private sector workers a standardization of paid sick leave similar to existing standards of GovGuam. It will allow private and public employees to accumulate paid sick leave of .5 hrs per every 10 hrs of work, use their paid sick leave to care for an immediate family member, and accrue unused paid sick leave from year to year. Bill 203 will also allow workers to use their leave without a doctor’s note unless it exceeds more than 7 days, which are the number of days the Center of Disease Control and Prevention recommend to stay at home when sick. As we are going through this global pandemic of the H1N1 virus, we must take steps to lessen the risk of spreading disease and illness. This legislation ensures workers can stay home when sick or care for a sick family member and not have to worry about losing a day’s pay. Click here for more information on this bill

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