Our current laws are heavily influenced by elected officials and their special interests in businesses. We have been catering way too long protecting businesses rather than doing what will be better for our working people. The reality is workers are unable to form unions and bargain for better wages and working conditions because businesses often block their efforts Bill 98, Employee Secret Ballot Protection Act, has been recently introduced and defeats the entire purpose of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). The EFCA helps workers easily form unions without threat, intimidation, or influence from employers against unions. With the EFCA, workers can authorize union representation through majority sign ups and eliminate an additional election process. All throughout the nation, anti-union organizations have been using the “secret ballot protection” as a way to go against the EFCA and now it is happening in our island. The key to rebuilding Guam is to give our workers the freedom to form unions so that we can gain broadly shared prosperity in our economy. We cannot risk passing any piece legislation that will hinder our workers from improving their lives.