Our children deserve the best education as possible so it’s important that we have highly qualified teachers in our education system. Right before the opening of the school year, 278 teachers had issues with expired certificates. To prevent this type situation, teachers can take our ER&D (Educational Research & Dissemination) courses. We are offering 9 classes this fall which can go towards recertification or reclassification. What’s unique about these classes is they are researched based and have been developed to offer teachers methods and strategies proven to work. “Anything that we teach in our courses has been researched over and over through thousands of students across different cultural backgrounds, economic backgrounds and has been found to work and is well accepted in the educational community.”- Dana Fig, Director of Center for Professional Development Courses. Teaching our children is a constant learning cycle. This is a great opportunity for our teachers to learn new strategies that will better our children’s education. Check out the ER&D course schedule