Senator Matt Rector’s Barrack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration FAQ

Q. Will you be attending as a Senator of Guam’s 30th Legislature or President of

A. Both. The congresswoman arranged for seats at the swearing in ceremony for my
wife and I because I am a Senator. The American Federation of Teachers arranged
for tickets to the western region inaugural Gala, my hotel room and MLK day
events because I’m President of GFT, and Robert Underwood arranged pre-Inaugural
Pearl Gala Ball tickets probably because we are old friends.

Q. How will your attendance help the people of Guam?

A. Over the last 6 years I have made as many connections in our nation’s capital
as possible as GFT President and now as Senator. This builds power for the
people of Guam and allows us to have influence over the national policies that
effect all of our lives.

Q. Who’s paying for this?

A. I am. Because I will be serving in a dual capacity I didn’t want to bring
down any criticism on either office so my wife and I just decided to pay for it
all our selves and it’s an honor to do so. (Thank God for credit cards)

Q. What events will you be attending?

A. Everything I can squeeze in. There is a free concert on Saturday, an AFT
executive council meeting on Sunday, Martin Luther King Day, AFL-CIO, and AFT
events on Monday and the Pearl Presidential Inaugural Gala (sponsored by the
Asian American Pacific Islander Community) on Monday Night. On Tuesday I’ll
attend the swearing in ceremony with Congresswoman Bordallo and that night we’ll
attend the official Presidential Inaugural Ball for the Western region.

Q. How can the people of Guam follow your trip?

A. I will be streaming live as often as possible on as well
as taking pictures and other video which will be loaded up on my Twitter,, Myspace and Facebook sites as well. I will do everything possible to
bring the people of Guam along with me on this amazing journey so stay tuned and
keep updated!

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