The people of Guam have come a long way in time. From the Spanish rule, to the Japanese occupation, then the U.S. Military rule and now an unincorporated U.S. Territory. Tomorrow’s Liberation Day is such a special celebration reminding us of the battle our elders fought from decades of foreign control to finally the opportunity for the people of Guam to run its own Government. Guam’s economy has steadily risen since the start of its Civilian Government; developments of hotels and businesses and increase in educational opportunities, etc. Unfortunately at this point we are undergoing downfalls in our economy and struggles in the lives of our working families. We must now fight to improve the lives of our workers. Our island should not be catered to just the wealthy few but for everyone on Guam. It is time we level the playing field and provide a better life for all. In order to make these changes, you need to participate in your democracy and take action when needed.

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