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In two terrific recent articles, United Steelworkers (USW) President Leo Gerard and labor journalist David Bacon make the case that the Employee Free Choice Act is legislation that will help our economy work for everyone again. On the Campaign for America’s Future blog, Gerard takes a hard look at the pattern of corporate hostility to both government oversight and workers’ freedom to form unions and how that fraudulent argument has undermined our economy. Gerard says we need a return to “common endeavor” so working families can counterbalance the overwhelming power of corporations and bargain for a fair stake in the economy. And that means passing the Employee Free Choice Act: Simply put, employers wield considerable strength, and workers must be able to unionize so wage and benefit negotiations occur on a more even playing field. There’s power in common endeavor. In 1935, in the depth of the Great Depression, the government encouraged workers to use their power to obtain better wages. It did that because better wages to many would help end the depression for all. Just like in 1935, workers now need unions to help them secure better wages, which will, in the end, be good for the country because it will improve the economy. For that to happen, though, the Employee Free Choice Act must pass. Workers must have the right, once again, to choose how they want to form their own organizations. continue reading

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