GFT Guam’s Local Union was first charted in 1965, organized by contracted teachers whose main goal was to “establish better relations between teachers and their administrators through collective bargaining agreements”. By the late 1990s to 2000, GFT expanded to all public servants. GFT is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our members and their families. We accomplish our mission by negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements (for our members that are in an exclusively recognized bargaining units), representation in the Civil service commission and in court, providing great insurance packages, securing discounts to help make life more affordable and by advocating for working family-friendly legislation. In 1981, GFT helped fight for the use of other languages in the classroom when children were punished for speaking Chamorro or any other language other than English. GFT also helped with the $5,440 pay raise for public servants across the board. These are just a few among many things GFT has fought for. Today, GFT is still fighting for workers’ rights and will continue to do so to ensure our working families live a decent life with good health care, quality education, and more safety.

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