When workers are able to form a union in the workplace, a sense of protection and security is present. “It offers a certain amount of hope that someone has your back and you have an advocate,” Phil Rayphand- IM Union Member. The International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers Local Lodge 2339 explained the importance of a union in their workplace. Union Member Cynthia Iverson, “The contract is our guideline. It’s the work rules that the company is held to with regards to how much they are able to fly us, how long, under what conditions, pay, vacation, etc. The contract is all that we have to make sure things are fair and rules are followed.” Unions exist for the benefit of workers, management, and the company or organization as a whole. When issues and concerns arise, it can be handled better with the presence of a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by union workers and management to ensure fairness and justice exist in the workplace. Watch the interview on The Working Family TV Show

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