Who protects temporary foreign workers from being treated like slaves? Obviously no one! How can we as a community of good conscience and morals allow our guests to be violated and abused like the H2 Workers of Hua Sheng International Group Corp that marched from their barracks in Yigo to the Guam Department of Labor office in Hagatna? This is a perfect example of how some employers exploit foreign labor to increase profits for themselves. These H2 workers were not paid for over six months! We have over 6,000 H2 workers who are not paid the amount they should be paid. At the same time, H2 workers are hired over local workers not because local workers lack skill but because it is cheaper to hire H2 workers. While contractors say their workers are protected by DOL this obviously isn’t so. This is a serious issue that is negatively impacting our island’s economy in a major way! It is no wonder why over half of our island’s population must participate in the food stamp program as well as other public assistance programs! The lack of protection for workers and their rights is a global problem that we can help alleviate by preventing worker exploitation on our island. We must protect our local workers and essentially drive up wages to stimulate our economy.

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