Department of Parks and Recreation is proposing to pay $500K to have Advance Management clean 16 restrooms in our public parks and beaches. Was there a cost-benefit analysis on this? Our public restrooms are not currently being maintained because we don’t have workers to do the job. If we are willing to spend a $500K for a private company then we should be willing to hire public workers to do the same job. We can hire 8 full-time custodians at $12/hr with benefits which would cost about $295K per year add 4 cars at $60K and $80K for supplies, fuel and maintenance and we would still have $100K per year. The people of Guam would be spending a lot less hiring public workers to perform the job than contracting out the services. This is a more cost-efficient solution that would benefit the people of Guam while at the same time save thousands of dollars.

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