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According to the bureau of Labor statistics, our unemployment rate is 8.3% as of September 2007, an increase from the 2006 report. About 32% of those who are not in the labor force but desired to work said they couldn’t find work yet there are a total of over 6,000 H2 workers on Guam. The Middle Class Job Creation Act (Bill 48) will pump billions of dollars into our economy by increasing the H2 worker fee. The intent of the bill is to make it more feasible for employers to hire local workers. Take a look at the bigger picture, when our workers have more money in their pockets, they will spend it on retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other local businesses. For every dollar spent in our economy, it circulates about ten times. During this time of economic difficulty, cutting the labor force or choosing foreign cheaper labor isn’t the right way that will help build back our economy. We should be implementing ways to generate more money into our island and produce good middle class jobs; this piece of legislation is one way we can do this.

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