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Governor Felix Camacho released an Executive Order to establish the Pandemic (HINI) 2009 Influenza and Regular Seasonal Flu Vaccine Campaigns from September through December 2009. As ordered by the Governor, Government employees who are sick or who need to care for a sick family member with flu-like symptoms should stay home for the number of days recommended by the Department of Public Health and Social Services. This is good for workers and their families in order to prevent the spread of disease and illness; however private sector workers need the same recommendations. Aside from being allowed to stay home for as long as recommended, workers need to be given adequate amount of paid sick leave not just during a pandemic like this but all the time. Workers shouldn’t have to choose between staying home and losing a day’s pay or going to work and spreading the illness. Bill 203 The Working Family Health Leave Act is one legislation that will help workers when sick. Read Executive Order
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