Today marks the official day GFT President Matt Rector is now in office as Senator in the 30th Guam Legislature. Guam’s working families have really stepped up and shown their power this election. With the support of thousands of families, Matt was able to win the 15th spot. “I think he’ll do the best he can to support the people who have supported him. He’s definitely involved in fairness for all of his constituents. We’re very proud of him, we’re very proud,” Rector’s Mother, Loretta Rector. “I feel incredibly excited and blessed to have this opportunity to represent the working families of Guam. This is the first time we’ll truly have a representative to fight for them and their families,” Senator Rector. 5 Republicans, Eddie Calvo, Frank Blas Jr., Ray Tenorio, Jim Espaldon, and Telo Taitague, and 10 Democrats, Speaker Judi Won Pat, Vice Speaker BJ Cruz, Rory Respicio, Ben Pangelinan, Tina Muna-Barnes, Judi Guthertz, Adolpho Palacios, Frank Aguon, Tom Ada, and Matt Rector were sworn in today, giving the Democratic Party a Super Majority in the legislature.

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