Human trafficking is a serious problem that must be addressed in our island. The exploitation of foreign workers is degrading to human society and outright unacceptable. Bill 36, Human Trafficking and Criminal Exploitation Act of 2009, is currently on the legislative voting floor. It aims to tackle the issue by implementing new tools and better organization to penalize those engaged in human trafficking. Further enforcement measures that should be put into action would be to create a team that would perform on-site inspections to those suspected engaging in this criminal activity. Several states such as New York have implemented an inspection team for the purpose of combating human trafficking that has been proven to be successful. Enforcement is the key in preventing criminal activity such as this. We can pass a law that penalizes those involved in human trafficking or criminal exploitation but if there are no strong enforcement initiatives in place, the problem will not fully be resolved. The battle for stronger labor laws is an on-going issue that will be addressed one step at a time. Our workers rights must be protected and the only way we can achieve stronger labor laws is through voicing the concerns through a united body of workers in the community. Click here to watch the video

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