Many of us are so overloaded at work and can only handle so much stress. High stress levels at work are beginning to be more and more of a health concern. It is important that you take care of yourself and speak up when you are thrown so much work or duties that affect your health and safety. We are here for our members but it takes each member to make the extra step to go through the process of getting things done. We don’t always know what’s happening in your workplace until you bring it up to us then we can move forward. When you feel that something isn’t right at work, take a look at your contract. If something has happened that is against the contract, then you can go through the Grievance Process. You can visit our website for the Grievance Procedure and steps 1 through 4. When in doubt, you can always call the office and we will direct you to the right person to help you with your situation.

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