What is Guam’s main natural resource? WATER. Now how our aquifer works is similar to a fish tank except there are two layers of water: salt water and fresh water. Since salt water is denser, it settles at the bottom and fresh water floats at the top. When water wells suck into the aquifer, it sucks in the fresh water. This system works perfectly fine until we suck in too much fresh water the salt water eventually mixes in. When that happens, there is no way the water can separate again. We have no knowledge of when we will reach that tipping point. There have been guesses and estimates but no extensive research has been made to predict that tipping point. When the military buildup happens, we cannot risk relying on guesses. We may have rough assumptions but we don’t have a guarantee that our families on Guam will have a reliable water supply. Thorough research needs to be done so that we can better prepare ourselves for the 20,000+ expected population growth in the next few years.

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