It was such an exciting game between Pittsburgh and Arizona that ended with an awesome win by the Steelers 27-23. Do you ever think about what’s behind all the pumped up energy and rivalry in the field? If you take a look outside of the sport, you should realize these players work just like everyone else and need the same protection and respect that every employee needs. With over 1,800 members in the National Football League Players Association, they have the opportunity to fight for fair labor practices, better wages, and better working conditions so they can enjoy doing what they do for a living. We must keep in mind the importance of having a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It is for this reason that we can maintain a balance between upper management and employees and ensure that we’re on a level playing field that works for everyone. Be proud of your union contract and be proud that you’re united with thousands of workers that will continue to fight for respect in their jobs.

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