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An American citizen residing in Manila, Philippines submitted his opinion to the PDN regarding construction jobs for the military build-up in Guam, “Have these jobs been offered to unemployed American workers, either in Guam or on the mainland or Hawaii? If not, why not? I thought Americans took care of Americans first. Seems if 15,000 to 20,000 Filipinos fill jobs that some Americans would be willing to do — then that will not be the case.” How can locals and Americans work in this industry if the pay isn’t worth it for such a laborious job? We need to offer higher-wage jobs so that we can ensure our workers are being paid a decent wage that will keep up with inflation and allow them to live comfortably. Oppositions over Congressman Neil Abercrombie’s amendment to the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act doesn’t quite look at the overall benefit to Guam’s and America’s economy. The 20,000 foreign temporary workers hired will mean 20,000 workers’ income flown out of Guam’s economy. We should be taking care of our people first especially during a time of economic hardships. Public Hearing for Resolution no. 159

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