The advocacy organization American Rights at Work has produced a new report, “The Employee Free Choice Act: Ensuring the Economy Works for Everyone,” that clearly explains how restoring the freedom to form unions and bargain can revitalize the U.S. economy. Written by researchers Erin Johansson and Julie Martinez Ortega, the report analyzes economic history and the nation’s ongoing economic crisis to show that a decline in union membership—brought about by weak labor laws and relentless corporate anti-union activity—is at the heart of the U.S. economic quagmire. The report says putting the freedom to bargain for a better life back in the hands of workers by passing the Employee Free Choice Act is a key step for economic recovery. Restoring the right to form unions is a key part of an economic strategy to bring shared and sustainable prosperity to the middle class, creating the workforce needed for future economic growth, and ensuring workers have a role in crafting future policies that represent their interests. continue reading

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