DPW Director Larry Perez couldn’t manage the streetlights properly and is now proposing to transfer our money that fund the lights to a private company who will have complete control of which streetlights will remain on. This is poor decision making by DPW’s management and it’s not right for our people. Streetlights belong to the people of Guam. The problem that needs to be addressed isn’t who will manage the lights but how we can fund fully operated streetlights. So how will a private company do any better in operating our streetlights if the amount of the funds won’t change? The people of Guam won’t get any more streetlights working. In fact we’ll probably have less. This decision only relieves DPW’s management from taking responsibility. This doesn’t save the people of Guam money nor does it make the streetlight situation better. The streetlight fee tagged on to car registration fees is a set amount. A person who is making $6.75/hr is paying the same amount as a person who is making $100K for a service that is provided for everyone. Does this sound fair to you? We need our streetlights fully operating for everyone’s safety and we need to deal with the situation with a fair solution. The fair way to fund our streetlights is by having everyone pay the operating costs with an amount based on a person’s income.

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