Indonesian union members are desperately looking for new jobs as they appear to have been blacklisted at adidas suppliers due to their labour rights activism. Since the closure of the PT Spotec and PT Dong Joe factories in November 2006, seven SBGTS union leaders have unsuccessfully been searching for permanent employment at the new adidas supplier Ching Luh. And 33 SBGTS (earlier Perbupas) union members are still without jobs after being unfairly dismissed from the PT Panarub supplier in October 2005 in response to a strike. In its code of conduct, adidas ensures freedom of association. In reality, however, union members frequently face discrimination at adidas suppliers; they increasingly report difficulties finding employment with adidas. The CCC, therefore, asks adidas to protect union members from discrimination and to assist the SBGTS union members to find employment. We call on adidas to ensure freedom of association and to implement the Sector Wide Solutions for the sports shoe and apparel industry in Indonesia put forward by the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) and Oxfam. continue reading

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