Do you know anyone that was ill or injured and eventually had to resign from work because they weren’t able to take any more days off? Paid sick leave is such an important benefit for workers. Many times when workers catch the flu or some other illness, they would force themselves to work because they can’t afford to lose any days off. This actually worsens their health and passes their illness onto others at work. As a parent, especially those with small children who often get sick, it is important to be able to use paid sick leave to care for them. Family Values @ Work: A Multi-State Consortium published a two-page paper on the importance of keeping workers employed during difficult times by implementing paid leave policies. In their article, it states that workers with no access to paid sick leave results to Job Loss which actually puts more costs to businesses in lost productivity, recruitment and training costs. Job loss also puts a burden on taxpayers by having workers result to food stamps, welfare, MIP, etc. Living in a small island like Guam, it’s important that we take care of our workers’ health so that we can reduce the spread of illness and keep our workers employed. Click here to read the article

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