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You go about your workday and everything seems to be fine. Suddenly, you unintentionally get yourself in a situation that results to termination or even arrest. What do you do? It costs at least $250/per hour to consult with a lawyer, not to mention any other court or legal fees required as you move forward with your case. Did you know if you are a GFT Member at the time of the incident you will be fully represented by the $1Million Professional Liability Insurance and get up to $35,000 in legal reimbursement fees? If you are not a member you do not receive those benefits. For example, we receive quite a number of phone calls from members seeking our help because they were either terminated or were reprimanded at work for unfair reasons. They are no longer a member and were not a member at the time of the incident; therefore we cannot represent them and help with any legal fees. It wasn’t too long ago when a person came in to the office because he/she was terminated for reasons that could have been handled a better way. Luckily that person is a GFT Member and can be relieved of the financial burden and represented fairly. Anything can happen when you least expect it. As a GFT member you will always have that protection.

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