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May Day, International Workers’ Day, is the day we remember the historic struggle of working people. May Day dates back to the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago 1886 where 250,000 workers gathered in a fierce fight to have eight hours the legal day’s work due to the fact they were being forced to work ten to twelve hours. Our working brothers and sisters over a century ago recognized the need for stronger labor laws in our nation. Today, our working brothers and sisters continue to strive for stronger labor laws that will protect the true value of any company, agency or organization, and that is its workers. President Obama has signed into law several bills intended to help working families across the nation from the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act. With the $43Million given to Guam, we are able to utilize the efforts in recovering from this economic downfall with the additional funding for crucial areas such as education, healthcare, public assistance programs, etc. Locally, Bill 48 The Middle Class Job Creation Act and Bills 91 & 92 pertaining to restoring the functions of the Civil Service Commission are just a few of the many proposed bills forthcoming directed to improving the quality of lives for our working families. In order for us to achieve a better life for everyone, we must pay attention to what our elected officials are doing and urge them to pass bills supporting working families.

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