Three amendments to help working families live a decent life may not have been supported by the majority of our Senators but working families still have the power to push for changes. An amendment to give public servants a $10,880 inflation adjustment which is based on Bill 180 was only voted by Senator Matt Rector. An amendment to give private sector workers paid sick leave which is based on Bill 203 was only supported by Senators Ben Pangelinan, Tina Muna-Barnes, and Matt Rector. An amendment to require companies receiving Job subsidies (tax breaks) from the people of Guam pay their employees a living wage of $13.40+/hr based on Bill 111 only received support from Senators Tina Muna-Barnes and Matt Rector. Bringing amendments to the floor intended to raise our standard of living is a great accomplishment. Working families must continue urging senators to pass bills that will improve the quality of life for everyone and not just the privileged few. Click here if you want to help

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