We need to address important areas of concern in our island such as the military build-up, protecting our land and natural resources and preserving the Chamorro culture. The Angel Leon Guerrero Santos Memorial Water for the People Act (Bill 73) is one piece of legislation that will give back to the people of Guam. Those who have been given land from the Chamorro Land Trust have a difficult time living comfortably when there is no water sewage infrastructure in place. Bill 73 will have GWA provide free water infrastructure for those leasing under the Chamorro Land Trust. For years we have been trying to give back land to the Chamorro people but we must give back land that provides suitable living. This is just one of the many issues we need to address. The youth of Guam has recognized the downfalls of our island and is gathering together in hopes for real change in our island’s leadership. Guam’s youth along with grassroots organizations are hosting a rally, “Reclaim Guahan: Chule’ Tatte Guahan” on Saturday, May 23rd from 2-8pm at Skinner’s Plaza. The rally will give people the opportunity to express their thoughts in improving our island through speaking, poetry, music and art. This is the perfect time for everyone to start getting involved in their democracy and build Guam’s future. Now is the time, we need to work together as a community to make positive changes that will improve our quality of life.

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