American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is only a week away. This is a great event for the entire community to gather together in remembrance of those who have died of cancer and to continue supporting those who have survived and continue to fight. With such a great event like this coming up, let this be a reminder that we must seek for better health care on Guam. “I am not happy the $500 deductible was eliminated! Single employees like me generally are unable to reach the $1500 or $2000 deductible!”; “My sister-in-law needed angioplasty which required us family members to help her get treated off-island”; “My husband spent a fortune because he is diabetic. My refrigerator is becoming a pharmacy!” These are just a few of the many concerns our working families have with healthcare on Guam. The problem we have with Guam’s and America’s healthcare system is that it is profit-driven putting burden to the people. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can use our existing MIP (Medical Indigent Program) to eventually cover everyone. This is not only good for our people but it is good for businesses. Public servants end up utilizing their spouse’s health plan causing private companies to subsidize the costs. We need change in our healthcare and implementing a Single Payer Health Plan will take care of everyone on Guam at a more affordable cost for better quality.

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