Our elected leaders need to come up with a fair solution for the dump. Since yesterday morning, our legislature has been discussing Bill 51 regarding the $1M a week for the Ordot Dump. Bill 51 proposes that GovGuam commit to a Bond-borrowing agreement. It will cost millions of dollars for the people of Guam and eventually will cut into the salaries of our public servants in order to pay it back. The only people who will benefit from this will be the bond holder (private company or companies) which basically has all these stipulations of tax exemptions, trustees, etc. This is another example of public money getting into the hands of the wealthy. Business leaders have spoken today against solutions that would spread out the cost of paying for the dump to everybody else in the community (businesses, consumers, military, tourists, and public and private employees). We need to think of a fair solution that won’t put the burden on just one group in the community but for everyone. Take part in your democracy, call your senators and urge them to find a better and fair solution!