PDN stated that 510 jobs were lost in the retail industry, 270 jobs lost in the hotel industry, but “the significant job reductions in those private sector categories were offset by 840 jobs in construction”. A majority of the people who work in the retail and hotel industry are local people who actually spend money on island. The 840 jobs in construction does not offset the job reductions in those private sectors because most of the workers in construction are H2 workers whose money doesn’t stay in our economy but gets sent to their families in other countries. We have taken away jobs from our people by allowing construction companies to hire temporary foreign workers from other countries instead of our local people. Guam currently has about 30,000 adults that have given up looking for work. 8.5% of those that are looking can’t find work. If there’s a construction job available that will pay well, hundreds of people will be lining up for that job especially in tough times like we are in now. Our working families need good middle class jobs on island that will put more money in their pockets so they can spend on stores, restaurants, etc. which will help our business community as well.

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