If big corporations were held to the same standard of regulations and transparency as trade unions and working families are, Guam and the U.S.A. wouldn’t be in the financial crisis that we are facing today. Trade Unions are so strictly regulated by the Federal Government that evading the law is virtually impossible. Trade Unions are held accountable for their actions from negotiating contracts and representing workers in court, to their daily operations which are closely monitored by the union’s executive council, legal representatives, and the Federal Government. The entire mission of a Trade Union is to protect workers from being exploited and treated unfairly by fighting for workers’ rights through collective bargaining agreements and representation in the courts. It is for this reason that Trade Unions are so valuable to working families. Fairness and Justice is exactly what working families need and deserve in order to live a decent life and this is what Trade Unions have been, and continue, fighting for.

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