The recent Bill 30-180 will give all classified public servants a $10,000 pay raise. This is a much needed raise that will help Guam’s families keep up with inflation. Wage increases are exactly what our economy needs because the more money in workers’ pockets, the more they will spend on businesses. So, how will we fund this pay raise? Bill 111 The Living Wage for Guam’s Families Act proposes that any company receiving a qualifying certificate, doing business with GovGuam or rents property from GovGuam must pay their employees a living wage of $13.40. This bill will increase wages for workers such as those earning minimum wage in the hotels and restaurants. The taxes paid by these workers will generate additional revenue for GovGuam which will be used to give the $10,000 pay raise. These two important pieces of legislation will increase wages for both public and private workers thus improve Guam’s economy. Click here for more information

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