When people think of GFT, they often think of a little office in Mangilao. The Union is not the staff that works at the office. The power of the Union comes from the 3,000 members who are the working families of Guam. These members are GPSS teachers, Guam Firefighters, Guam Police Officers, DPW & DODEA Bus drivers, GMH & GPSS Nurses, Port workers, Airport Police & Firefighters, custodians, office staff, school aides, etc. Improving the quality of life for our members is the sole mission of GFT. We can achieve this by negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements, representation in the Civil Service Commission, and advocating for working family friendly legislation. When we win for our members, we win for their families which make us one step closer in improving the quality of life for everyone else on Guam. In the federal level, organizations such as MomsRising, AFL-CIO, AFT, EPI, CEPR, Good Jobs First, etc. are constantly pushing for legislation that will improve working families across the nation and we need to continue to do so here in our island. No one else will fight for workers but the workers themselves and that is why we have a union, to unite all workers to ensure a level playing field between workers and employers exist.

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