In tough times like today, it is important that we work together and stay positive. The Governor gave a very optimistic approach in his State of the Island Address. However, we need start thinking of solutions that will actually help our families. Many of the projects that have been implemented in order to improve certain areas in our public structure don’t resolve the bigger picture behind the reason of our failing economy. Our economy has been geared towards profit-motives for the privileged few and not for the betterment of our working families who struggle to make ends meet every day. In order to change this, stricter laws and regulations must be implemented. Qualifying certificates (QC) is one issue that has not been heavily regulated. The intent of QCs is good, but strict guidelines need to be enforced. Huge tax-breaks for major corporations are one of the very reasons why our public structure is so underfunded. We are not alone with this issue. Several states in the U.S. have the same problem, which they call Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Not many people realize how important it is to fix this problem. This should be one of the areas our elected officials need to focus on for long-term stability in our island.