If you haven’t kept up with your Senators from this past session, here’s a report on what your Senators are fighting for:

Bill 95’s efforts to keep FQ Sanchez Elementary School open did not pass. Only Frank Aguon, Judi Guthertz, Matt Rector, and Rory Respicio votes yes to keep it open.

Bill 116 authorizes the Guam Census Program to temporarily hire workers for the Decennial 2010 Census. Only Ben Pangelinan, Matt Rector and Rory Respicio voted no. This doesn’t provide any benefits for workers as oppose to hiring them as service contracts which provides health and retirement benefits.

Bill 176 establishes additional fees for the Government of Guam to collect for Notary applications. It was passed by a 10-5 vote. This poses insignificant fees for the people of Guam.

Bill 177 establishes additional fees for clearances with the Attorney General’s office. Only Ben Pangelinan and Matt Rector voted no. This poses insignificant fees for the people of Guam as well.

Bill 181 gives a 4% pay increase for the Judges and Justices and no increases to the lower level workers. Only Ben Pangelinan, Matt Rector, Telo Taitague and Judi Won Pat voted no.

Bill 200 gives a pay increase for the Attorney General but not for the lower level workers. It passed with a 9-6 vote.

Bill 209 requires all persons or public officials that have authority over GovGuam contracts to comply with a financial disclosure. All voted yes. This will disclose of any conflict of interests.

Bill 135 authorizes the Department of Public Health and Social Services to use H2 visa fees to fund 16 public workers to conduct health inspections. This bill passed with 11 yes votes and only Frank Blas Jr., Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio voting no.

Bill 147 gives more accountability with the Guam Economic Development Authority by prohibiting giving loans to those who already owe money to the Government. This bill passed with an 11-3 vote.

Bill 175 allows private corporations control in certain functions of the Guam Power Authority and Guam Water Authority which may harm our current workers and increase rates. Only BJ Cruz, Ben Pangelinan, Judi Guthertz, Matt Rector and Rory Respicio voted no.

Bill 191 allows all Graduates under the DOC Sanchez Scholarship Program to receive a pay increase. All voted yes. This rewards our workers for the higher education obtained which benefits their job.

Bill 227 gives Parole Officers hazardous pay. This bill passed with only 1 no vote from Ben Pangelinan. This compensates our Parole Officers for the hazardous situations that they undergo.

Bill 233 amends the Rules and Regulations on DOE school property to which will allow advertising on school property. DOE schools should remain neutral. Only Ben Pangelinan and Matt Rector voted no.

Bill 207 allows DPW to use Federal Funds to buy property from the people of Guam and/or condemn property. Only Ben Pangelinan and Matt Rector voted no.

Bill 229 decreases funds from the Yamashita Corp by taking away the opportunity to retain current teachers who would like to expand their knowledge and certification in education. Unfortunately this bill passed with only BJ Cruz, Judi Guthertz, Ben Pangelinan, Matt Rector and Rory Respecio who voted no.

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