Let my heart beat, Mr. Ejehie

I’ve been in prison for many months; a prison that was supposed to take away and destroy my determination, my love and my humanness. A prison that was expected to pacify and tame me, like “a docile lamb”; for months I have been in a prison with tall walls, as high as the history. Tall walls that were supposed to separate me from the people that I love; a permanent space between me and my homeland’s children; however, I look through my cells’ window everyday and see myself amongst them and similar to them, and they see their pains in me as prisoner; thus the prison connected us even deeper than before. It was expected that the darkness of the prison take the meaning and importance of brightness and light away, but in prison I witnessed the growing of violet in the dark.

It was expected that I would forget the sense of time and its value; but I’ve been living outside the prison in each moment and have been born again to choose a new path. continue reading

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