The Port hired their former manager Ken Tagawa at a rate of $20,000/month + $215/day per Diem (tax free) as their labor consultant to negotiate the contract with the unionized workers of the Port. His airfare from Las Vegas is also paid and he will receive an additional bonus of $750/day for Arbitration! See salary breakdown Now we know why things are moving so slow! Who would want to finish such a great job early!!! This was quite evident in the last negotiating session where he stated he would not negotiate wages, schedules or hours of work until he was shown a memo stating that “Each offeror were advised of the new development regarding the Port’s compensation Plan and how the authority to negotiate wages has now been provided to the Board of Director. Prior… union collective bargaining negotiations were limited only to work hours & schedules, and safety conditions.” He claimed he did not remember being informed of this and said he’ll get back to us but memos were sent out claiming he was told. See Memo Why are huge amounts of tax payer dollars getting paid to a consultant to break the law?

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