Ed Quintanilla of the DODEA Bus Drivers’ Unit, with the assistance of Rob Koss and Dan Somerfleck, recently filed charges in court against GFT regarding Guam’s Right to Work law. Quintanilla accuses GFT of illegally including a security clause in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which ensures that every member pays their fair share. While Guam’s Anti-family/union Right to Work (for less) law prohibits this fair share clause, it does not apply to the DODEA Bus Drivers because they work on Federal Base. This has also been confirmed by the AFT General Counsel, David Strom. Should Quintanilla’s attack on fellow bus drivers’ families be successful, their current CBA would be null and void and their $19/hr wage would go back to $9/hr which would rob their families of close to $1000/month. This is unacceptable and horrific that someone would even try this, and we will marshal every resource to ensure that this doesn’t happen.