Attorney Kutz, GFT representative for Furlough Case, filed a motion yesterday urging the Superior Court to take action in enforcing the money owed to our teachers. A mandate in March 2009 ordered DOE and GovGuam to pay 1,832 teachers for the time period August 1, 2003 to August 18, 2003 plus interest. There have been several attempts since 2004 in getting back the pay owed to our Teachers but DOE and GovGuam has failed to comply. In 2004, the Civil Service Commission ruled in favor of paying back the teachers. In 2006, Superintendent Luis Reyes sent a letter to Governor Camacho seeking his help in getting the money to the teachers. “How can we keep qualified Teachers to educate our children if we can’t even pay them?” Kutz stated at the press conference today.
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