In an increasingly impersonal political campaign environment saturated with slick TV ads and radio spots, many working families have difficulty discerning the truth from campaign spin…unless they’re union members. That’s because the grassroots labor campaign relies heavily on direct, personal communication, anchored by member-to-member contact at the worksite about the candidates and issues, and what’s at stake for working people in this year’s election.
The California Labor Federation kicked off the first wave of a major statewide informational worksite flier blitz this month, in which union members are educating their fellow workers about Meg Whitman’s Wall Street agenda and anti-worker proposals, as well as local and statewide issues and races. More than 150,000 fliers on Whitman’s Wall Street ties and her positions on the issues workers care about are currently being distributed at worksites across the state to both public- and private-sector workers. Nurses, firefighters, construction workers, truck drivers, electricians, state workers and many others are taking part in this blitz to counter the more than $60 million Whitman is spending on the air. continue reading

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