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Approximately 1/3 of all of the waste in our landfill comes from disposable diapers! This means not only are parents shipping millions of dollars per year out of our economy into someone else’s (where disposable diapers are made) but all of our people are subsidizing the profits of the companies that import them because we have to pay millions to dispose of them. This doesn’t even touch on the environmental or socioeconomic issues related to these products but obviously this line of thought goes to all of the plastics and Styrofoam that we bring on to our island that the people of Guam pay to dispose. In the next couple of eUpdates, we’ll be talking about the advantages of using reusable diapers and why the people of Guam should start looking into this. This is not only important to mothers and children but for everyone because the economical and environmental impacts of disposable diapers affect each and every one of us. (Image from

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