In 1882, 10,000 union workers and their families marched down the streets of New York City in order to win an 8 hour work day. Today, we take it for granted. That was the first Labor Day but it wasn’t an official Holiday until President Grover Cleveland, in 1894, pushed through the effort and signed it. You think he did that out of the goodness of his heart? Unfortunately, he didn’t. He did it to get re-elected because he personally sent federal troops to break up a union strike, the Pullman Strike, and murdered union workers and their families. He put Americans against Americans. Consequently, out of guilt he made it a Holiday. Today we celebrate that Holiday but we forgot where it came from. It came from unions and their families who decided we should celebrate our hard work. Well it’s about time that Labor Day comes back to the people who created it, the Unions. Come on by to the GFT Compound in Mangilao on Sunday, September 5th from 12noon to 4pm and let’s celebrate our workers and their families together!